Must-Do Trekking, Caving & Camping Tours In Phong Nha

It is not a coincidence that Phong Nha and Quang Binh are constantly appearing on international news channels, from Hollywood blockbuster projects, internationally known TV channels such as Nat Geo, CNN, ABC, Lonely Planet, Animal Planet, etc. Even the music producer DJ Alan Walker also chose Phong Nha to be the main filming location for his latest hit “Alone Pt. 2”. Phong Nha boasts impressive and majestic natural beauty, which adds more value to the film projects. In particular, the discovery of Son Doong Cave – the largest cave in the world and hundreds of other magnificent caves – has made Phong Nha a bucket-list destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The peaceful atmosphere of the beautiful Phong Nha countryside set amidst the pristine jungles of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, and hidden beneath a whole kingdom of the most majestic caves on Earth. Moreover, a wide range of world-class caving tours, combined with traditional tourism activities, have attracted millions of international and domestic visitors to Phong Nha every year.

Oxalis Adventure

Oxalis Adventure and Di Di Thoi are two leading tour operators in Phong Nha. In particular, Oxalis Adventure is the exclusive operator of the Son Doong Cave Expedition to explore the world’s largest cave. Oxalis Adventure also hosted and supported Hollywood filming crews, international news agencies and filmmakers when they came to filming in Son Doong Cave and other caves in Quang Binh Province. Oxalis Adventure specializes in trekking & camping adventure tours to the caves with a professional team of certified tour guides, safety assistants, porters and cave experts from the British Cave Research Association (BCRA).

Di Di Thoi

Di Di Thoi is a sister company of Oxalis Adventure that specializes in traditional & soft adventure tours in Phong Nha. Together with Oxalis, Di Di Thoi is also part of Alan Walker’s support team to film in Phong Nha. Di Di Thoi is the perfect choice for everybody who is less adventurous but still wants to experience Central Vietnam’s rural culture & nature, loves to enjoy a cruise trip on the emerald river, to visit local craft villages, and wants to enjoy a soft adventure to the beautiful caves of Phong Nha.


1. Son Doong Cave Expedition (4 Days)

The world’s largest cave

This is an exclusive expedition tour that can take visitors to explore the entire length and hidden beauty of the world’s largest cave – Son Doong. The Son Doong Expedition tour limits the number of participants and is operated under strict control of the local government. The Son Doong season is from February to August every year. The Son Doong Expedition dates for 2020 and 2021 are now available for booking.

Son Doong Cave Expedition 4 days 3 nights including many interesting activities such as jungle trekking in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, camping in and exploring Hang En (the world’s third largest cave), Visit Ban Doong of the Bru Van Kieu ethnic people, explore the whole length of Son Doong Cave, camp for 2 nights at the beautiful campsites in Son Doong cave, conquer the Great Wall of Vietnam 90m high. If you are lucky, you may witness the spectacular sunbeams streaming into the cave through the first doline.

Taking part in the Son Doong Cave Expedition is a lifetime opportunity for you to emerge in those cinematic views. Before going on the expedition, visitors will be advised of journey details, fitness requirements and other related concerns. Contact Oxalis Adventure at or email to [email protected]

2. Hang Va Expedition (2 Days)

River cave with rarest karst formations

Hang Va is a stunning river cave with astounding formations, located very close to Son Doong Cave. A small stream from Son Doong Cave is believed to connect with Hang Va. The Hang Va Cave Expedition 2-day tour is truly a one-of-a-kind adventure that has attracted international and domestic tourists.

The 2-day Hang Va expedition is the only journey that takes you to explore the world within Hang Va – a masterpiece of nature crafted out by the pure underground rivers flowing through million-year-old caves. In this adventure, you will trek through the pristine jungles of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, explore deeper into two beautiful wet caves: Nuoc Nut and Hang Va, wade or swim through underground rivers, camp in the wild jungle and experience the thrilling rope climbing in Hang Va cave. Safety equipment and a professional safety team will ensure your safety. In particular this is a chance to see the phenomenal gour pools filled with Tower Cone stalagmites– one of the rarest formations in Hang Va cave.

  • Duration: 2 Day
  • Tour type: Join-in tour; Private tour
  • Group size: Maximum 10 people; 16 years old and above
  • Distance: 8km trekking; 4km caving; 150m elevation gain; 100m swimming (optional), 20m rope-traverse
  • Itinerary, pricing and booking:

3. Hang En Cave Expedition (2 Days)

The world’s third largest cave

The adventure takes you to explore and camp in Hang En Cave – the third largest cave in the world. Hang En was broadcast live by ABC’s Good Morning America (USA), featured in the Hollywood movie Peter Pan, and has been described in a number of global social channels and media such as Nat Geo magazine, Lonely Planet, etc.

The Hang En Cave Adventure brings you to new life experiences. You will walk through the forest to visit the Ban Doong village of Bru Van Kieu minority people, trek down the river valley crossing the river many times, explore the world’s third largest cave, camp right inside the cave next to the beautiful natural lake where you can enjoy swimming below thousands of swallows nesting in the ceiling. The adventure also has a team of certified tour guide, chefs, and local porters accompanying you to carry your luggage, prepare fresh delicious food and take care of you during the whole journey.

4. Explore the Tu Lan cave system

A system of 10 majestic dry and river caves

Appearing dramatically in the Hollywood blockbuster Kong: Skull Island, the Tu Lan cave system is also well-known as one of Vietnam’s must-do destinations for nature lovers and adventurers. 

Caving tours in Tu Lan cave system vary in duration and levels of difficulty so that visitors can choose a tour that suits their physical conditions and preferences. Each journey is a real adventure to the land of Kong that truly stands out for unique adventurous activities such as swimming in the underground rivers, scrambling, abseiling deep inside the caves, trekking through the wild jungles, or camping amidst the lush tropical forest of Central Vietnam.

For recommendations on which tour to go for, you can contact Oxalis Adventure at website or email [email protected]

  • Duration: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days
  • Tour type: Join-in tour; Private tour
  • Group size: Maximum of 8-12 people; 16 years old and above
  • Distance: maximum of 20km trekking, 5km caving, 1km swimming in the underground rivers, 900 elevation gain, 10m ladder climbing, 15m rope abseiling.
  • Itinerary, pricing and booking:

5. Hang Tien Cave Adventure

The biggest dry caves of the Tu Lan cave system

Hang Tien is the largest and most majestic dry cave of the Tu Lan cave system. Hang Tien cave tours range from 1 day to 3 days that are perfect for those who love trekking, scrambling over rocky terrains and being submerged in the beauty of wild jungles and spectacular Hang Tien caves.

Depending on the duration, 1 day, 2 days or 3 days, you can choose a day trip or camping tour to explore Hang Tien caves and the surrounding area that suits your fitness and interests. The tours are well organized for a small group only and give you a real adventure into the heart of pristine scenery, ancient caverns and amazing karst formations. The Hang Tien campsite is one of the best camping spots in Vietnam that is set by a beautiful river looking into the beautiful valley. The 3-day tour also takes you to explore both Hang Tien caves and many other stunning caves of the Tu Lan system.

  • Duration: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days
  • Tour type: Group tour; Private tour
  • Number of people per tour: Maximum 10 people; 16 years old and above
  • Distance: maximum 18km trekking; 3.5km caving; 800m elevation gain; rock scrambling.
  • Itinerary, pricing and booking:


1. On The Trail of Alan Walker 28300

This day cruise tour will take you on the journey of Walker #28300 – a mysterious character in the music video Alone Part 2 by renowned music producer Alan Walker. You will follow her route to search for the traces of the ancient Walkers. The tour is a good choice for nature lovers who have a tight schedule but still want to experience the best out of Phong Nha’s landscape and its peaceful lifestyle.

At the Chay Lap Riverside dock, you will board Di Di Thoi’s wooden cruise boat that takes you along the emerald Chay River. The cruise will stop at the best spots along the Chay River – some of which are the film settings of Alan Walker’s hit “Alone Part II”. At each place, you will have some time to enjoy the tranquil view and learn more about the local stories and Phong Nha lifestyle.


2. Phong Nha River Cruise

One of the best day tours in Phong Nha, the full-day Phong Nha River Cruise tour is a perfect combination of a cruising trip and bicycle tour around Phong Nha. You will visit the best attractions in Phong Nha and explore different aspects of the local life.

The tour is most suitable for a small group or private group so that you will have the best authentic experience of Phong Nha. In the morning, you will start with a visit to many interesting local attractions such as the Xuan Son local market, Xuan Tien fish farming village, Gia Tinh rattan weaving village to experience rattan yourself, the Gia Hung catholic church, or enjoy making local delicacies. After the delicious lunch, the 2 hour cycling trip in the afternoon will take you through the tranquil villages back to Phong Nha.


3. Phong Nha Sunset Cruise

With a reasonable price, this is a boat trip worth trying if you do not have much time in Phong Nha. The cruise offers a romantic private space while cruising across the gorgeous Chay River. Delicious food and cool drinks on the boat will be served when you’re relaxing on the deck and enjoying the view.

Cruising along the river will give you a sense of traditional Vietnam traditional with staff that will take care of you all the way. You can sit at the front deck of the boat to watch the stunning sunset on the river and get to know more about the locals’ lifestyle, culture and the history of Phong Nha. In the summer, the boat will stop for you to swim in the beautiful river. In the meantime, you can enjoy the scenery, have light snacks, fruits and soft drinks before the boat returns to Chay Lap Riverside.


4. Phong Nha National Park & Paradise Cave Tour

With just 1 day, you can visit Paradise Cave, one of the top must-sees in Phong Nha and also cycle around peaceful villages to enjoy the poetic scenery of Phong Nha. The trip is well designed for couples, families, groups of friends and those who love to experience a light adventure.

The trip starts with a visit to the semi-wild enclose of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park to learn about the national park’s ecosystems, observe the flora and fauna, and if you’re lucky, you may see rare species here. Continue to follow the historical 20 Victory trail for a quick visit to the Eight Ladies Cave to commemorate the heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the Vietnam War. Next is to explore Paradise Cave stroll along an impressive wooden staircase system so that you can see the beauty of the cave. Di Di Thoi’s professional tour guide will accompany and give you interesting information about the cave and the area. At the end of the day, you will take a bike trip through the peaceful villages along the stunning Chay River. Stop by The Chay Riverside Water Sports Center for swimming, kayaking, then have lunch by the river and continue to visit the Chay Village.